Alexanders Horseboxes

Alexander Brimelow - Managing Director

Proud father Alex was brought up in Boroughbridge and was “supposedly” educated at Boroughbridge High School. Alex’s entrepreneurial skills started at a young age when he launched his own catering business. After selling the business on for a tidy profit Alex realized his love of cars was greater than his love of burgers and started working in the motor trade. After seven successful years working for leading manufactures Alex founded Alexanders and has never looked back since. Alex is a huge fan of formula one and loves nothing more than spending time at home with his family and horses.

Proudest moment: The birth of my three sons and winning the NatWest Entrepreneur of the Year

 Dream car:  “67” GT
Best decision you’ve ever made: Opening Alexanders of course!
Worst decision you’ve ever made: Not opening Alexanders sooner!
Favourite saying: Don’t curse the darkness, light a candle.

Personal Assistant: Becki Scaife - email