Alexanders Horseboxes

Alexanders Horseboxes

Thank you so much

Hi guys we can not thank you enough for building us our horseboxes we all love it.


see you very soon

Alexis and pete




"I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the customer service I have received from Alexanders with regards to my recent purchase of a second hand Cheltenham horsebox. My horsebox developed two problems shortly after purchase. I initially contacted Becky who responded very professionally and got Dan to contact me. We agreed that I would bring the horsebox back to be looked at, and Dan contacted me again as promised to make arrangements. Both his and Becky’s attitude was one of wanting me to have a very positive experience from Alexanders, which was reassuring. When I brought my horsebox in and collected it I was given lifts to and from the station in Knaresborough (as I had travelled from near Peterborough) the driver who took me to the station showed me where the station was and where I could get some lunch as my train was not for some time. In all my dealings with your staff they have been professional and friendly. My horsebox was repaired in the timescales agreed. Before purchasing my horsebox I did a fair amount of research and visited 3 horsebox manufacturers. Only Bloomsfields came close to the level of customer service that Alexanders have demonstrated, and they have no second hand stock and a long waiting list for new builds. A horsebox purchase is a pretty significant investment and it is important to have confidence both in the build and the after sales service. I am very glad that I opted for a second hand Alexanders horsebox sourced from yourselves."

Fiona Miller

"Hello We have recently purchased a Royal Ascot from yourselves and the whole experience has been quite pleasurable and not at all difficult. In this day when customer service is not so great we have really appreciated the service that your representative Emily has given us. She has been a very efficient and very communicative sales person and a great asset to your company. We are also very pleased with our purchase, we will be taking our horses out tomorrow for the first time. I am sending you this email so that you know that we think you have a great asset in Emily and a super product and would highly recommend both. Regards Graham & Rebecca "

Rebecca and Graham

"Hi Julian, hope you guys are all well. Just had to let you know that my little horse box is FAB ! Over the weekend I did a round trip to Cornwell,12 miles from Lands End to pick up my new spanish horse. We did over 600 miles,felt very safe and comfortable,Kas travelled quietly and I could see him,our camera's a god send,he looked very relaxed in the back. All my horses are very happy to go in and out and travel well. Best horse box I have ever had,loads of people ask about Yorkie,quite honestly he is much better than any other 3.5 ton I have seen and there's dozens around. Next big trip out is the B.A.P.S.H national championship show at Hartpury,for once I'm not dreading the journey ! Best wishes, Hilary "


"May I offer this note of thanks to you for getting our Horsebox back up and running despite being at almost opposite ends of the country! Its back in almost daily use now and our horses (both 16’ 2’ Irish Draft/TB > 1200Kg in all!) have become accustomed to loading and travelling in it. It’s a comfortable vehicle that copes with large horses admirably. The Windsor is so much less stressful to drive around than the 7.5 tonner and a great deal less expensive to run. Once again many thanks for your superb after sale support."

Dave & Jen Holt

"Thanks for your help with my York SE, I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer to really get out and about in it. I’m loving it though and thanks loads."

Carolyn Macdonald

"The box is an absolute dream! You and your team have done an incredible job! The build quality is so much better, both in design and engineering than my older model and very comfortable also. Already done 500 miles and could have resold it twice on route! You are on track to giving the big boys like Oakley Whittaker ketterer and lehel a serious run for their money and they dont realise it! You and your team should be very proud. I will work hard to send more people your way. Many many thanks"


"Just a quick note to say how pleased Susan and I are with the horsebox. Everyone at the Livery Yard has admired it and its appearance on Facebook has drawn complements. I drove back to the yard with no problems, despite the high winds and torrential rain. Many Thanks Julian."

Mr and Mrs Emery

"Dear Steve and Stuart I just wanted to express my thanks for the outstanding service you both provided for me on Friday. Thank you for all your efforts in getting tyre problem sorted, a lift into Boroughbridge, coffee and professionalism, it was much appreciated. Best wishes Julie."

Julie Thornson

"Hi Alex Thank you so much for sorting out my new lorry after 6 hours of driving home I still wanted to keep driving, I love the colour and the living area is amazing, I cannot wait to use it next week. Thanks again Sarah Fisher "

Sarah Fisher

"HI Jules I though id let you know how I am getting on with my bright pink horsebox! The horse does not seem to object to the colour and he finds the low ramp ver easy. The ramp and top door are so easy to handle it is ideal for a small lady on her own. I find the finish to be excellent and the quality of the parts very impressive, all in all I am delighted with it, I was also very impressed by your delivery driver who took the time and trouble to explain the box to me and who arrived spot on time. Thanks Annella Cowan "

Annella Cowan

"Dear Alexanders, Can I just say sorry for the delay in the return of the Customer Service Questionnaire but the arrival of a grandchild has interrupted the flow of things a little. I would just like to add some comments to my questionnaire. Can I say that I have found the whole experience of purchasing my horsebox fantastic from a customer perspective. I was a bit apprehensive when I walked into the showroom and saw all those posh cars! I had only come to look at the second hand horse lorry that you had out the back. I was treated with as much respect as someone walking through the door with buckets of money to throw at a new car. This is important to me, I am happy to spend my hard earned cash where I am respected. The quality of your telephone manner is what made me make the long journey up from South Wales, there are horse lorry places closer to home but none of them seemed very bothered about selling me a lorry. You were all very well organised and enthusiastic so we made our way up to you. Even though on the day I was happy with the second hand box that you had you were still happy to show me the new ones whilst I was there- and as I recall, I asked- you didn’t push me into it. Of course then for Brian it was a done job he convinced me that I should make the stretch to a new one and I am so pleased that I did. The standard of the horse lorry has amazed people everywhere I go. One very discerning gentleman on the livery yard said that it was a long time since he had seen workmanship of such a high standard. Admittedly I wouldn’t have chosen the Magenta colour but that was the ex demo model and I have to say I love it now!!! Wherever I go with it you can see people smiling they love it and I have to say on the roads people give it a good glance convinced that they are in the presence of Katie Price- they soon realise that isn’t the case. Morgan (my horse) travels really well in the box there is loads of room for her and the whole experience is so easy. I went to the Your Horse Live event at Stoneleigh last November and they had on show the Equitrek lorry that would be the equivalent to the one I purchased from you. Can I just say- Not a patch on mine!!! The workmanship is nowhere near the Alexanders standard and it is not so well thought out. So guys if you can justify the exhibition fee next year it might well be worth it I am sure people would be extremely impressed. You can see that I wouldn’t fit all of this onto your questionnaire but I am one very happy customer. Thank you to the whole team at Alexanders for all of the effort that goes into the horse box it is truly appreciated. Morgan and I are really enjoying ourselves. Many thanks Kind Regards Sue Beckman, Brian and Morgan "

Sue Beckman, Brian and Morgan

"Hi Alex, Sorry not to have been in touch on Saturday morning! Living in Wales it was imperative to watch the team play in the Rugby World Cup semi finals – and be defeated by just one point. Shame. The lorry is lovely!! It flew home happily doing 60+mph on the motorway with very little effort and very good fuel consumption at around 32mpg. Sure beats 17mpg in the big lorry!! I was impressed that it felt much more stable (no pun intended!) on roundabouts and corners and surprisingly was also less affected by the winds – of which we get plenty here It was presented beautifully and is exactly how I expected it to be and how it will be kept! And it fits down the front and back drives without any difficulty and doesn’t get the paint damaged going down our narrow lane. Its such a relief!! Thank you so much for all your help and advice during the sale and build process. And especially for taking the trouble to come and fetch me from Starbeck. I had no idea it was such a long way for you to come. Jules did a great job of talking me through all the operation of the vehicle and I left your yard on cloud 9! Many thanks indeed. I have taken a brochure and it is on display in the lorry and will be given to anyone expressing interest in an Alexander’s box along with my personal recommendation. Many thanks again, Mo "

Mrs Crosley

"Hi Alex, I have just got home from the British Dressage National Championships at Stoneleigh. I spent some time looking at three 3.5tonne lorries there; a Theault, an Oakley and something I cant remember the manufacturer of. The good news is that I still prefer what I am buying from you! The Theault was the Proteo on a new Renault with a five seater cab and a payload of 900kg. Add up 5 people’s weight in the cab and probably a 14.2hh pony would be pushing the weight limit! All for around £55k. Hmmm. None of them had the extended rear step at the grooms door, and none of them had a simple safe system for collapsing the breast bar in the event of a problem. In all of them you would need to get into the grooms area amongst the flailing front feet and fumble for the release mechanism. They all had less ventilation, less lighting, and in the case of the Oakley a lot of glassfibre in the partition and the partition below the breast bar. Interestingly the Theaults are using honeycomb to build – and still only have a payload on that version of 900kg. I have always held that the Theaults were the Rolls Royce of small lorries. I have amended that. I genuinely think I am buying a better product from you – Best wishes, Mo "


"Thank you so much for the exceptional service you have provide me, I am so great full and I will strongly recommend Alexanders to anyone I speak to, see you next time when I need to change my box Best wishes "

Katie Kunz

"Hi Alexanders I thought I would drop you a line to say thank you for my lovely new Goodwood horsebox. I searched high and low for a suitable wagon for my big hunters and that would enable me to carry them both without exceeding weight limits and the Goodwood was the only one I found that fitted the bill. I’m really impressed with the cavernous horse area, with the 8 ft headroom which provides ample room for my big youngster. The living area provides enough for the nights away and there is plenty of cupboard storage as well as an area over the Luton. To drive the vehicle is a pleasure; it feels stable and manoeuvres really well. I would also like to thank you for your service levels in getting the vehicle to me on time and sorting the finance out for me. It was all done with little fuss and I appreciated the updates on the progress of the build. The flowers in the wagon when I collected it were a really nice touch also. I wish you and all the team all the very best for the future. Joanne Mosley "

Joanne Mosley

"Many thanks Alex and Juls the horse is fantastic best wishes "

Alexis Gregory

"This is just a very quick note to say thank you for all your understanding and patience, I am sure it was the last thing you wanted/needed. The horsebox drove home like a dream and I look forwards to introducing the horses to it soon (I just have to get over the feeling of not putting anything in it because its so clean!) You will be pleased to hear that I have decided not to take the cows around in it - they will have to put up with an old arttling Ifor Williams trailer from now on."

Mrs Daniel

"Thank you to all at Alexanders for returning my hat, much appreciated!! New horsebox going very well and already starting to enjoy. Thanks again"

Mr and Mrs Mountain

"Just like to take the time to write a quick thankyou for the time you spent with us on the purchase of our lovely new horsebox! We were thrilled to see all the boxes inside the showroom when we came to look around especially as it was freezing outside and were grateful for the cup of coffee. Myself and Dave were impressed by the lack of pushy selling from Juls also the time and effort he spent talking to us through the different horseboxes and options to make sure our horsebox would be perfect for what we needed it for and not just showing us the most expensive one and trying to sell us that as other companies tried to do (even though I did fall in love with the Aintree). Thank you to Alex for dealing with the paperwork upon collection of the box, it looked fab! Took a while to get my head around the finance but Alex explained it all and made me feel comfortable. The box is brilliant and Lottie loves it too, she went stright in on the first attempt and we struggle to get her out! Thank you so much guys, we are really happy with the box and the service you provided. We will definatley be recommending you to everyone."

Michelle and Dave

"Many thanks for assisting with the purchase of our horsebox. Unfortunately we have been hampered by the extreme weather conditions, but we hope to get out this Saturday to a BSJA show. Thanks also for the heating-that should make quite a difference in the cold-never mind helping us see out of the windows!! Thanks again."

Mrs Walker

"I had many niggly little things I wanted adding to my horsebox and Alexanders accomadated them all for me. They held my hand throughout the whole process and really looked after me. When its time to renew my horsebox for a newer model, I will be contacting Alexanders once again."

Mrs Andrews

"Just a little note to let you know how much I appreciate your help,support and advice. It is rare to find qualities such as honesty and caring in a person, let alone a used car salesman!! You have done a wonderful job and put me at ease, helping at each stage. I now only have to learn to drive it backwards and I am on my way! If there is an award for best salesman, then my vote goes to you. You are a star! Thank you again for getting 'Think like a Pony' on the road."

Mrs Henry

"Thanks to everyone at Alexanders for all their hard work and commitment in the purchase of our first horsebox."

Mr and Mrs Preece