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Ellen Whitaker banned from driving

Ellen Whitaker banned from driving

Ellen Whitaker caught drink driving is banned.

International nations sweetheart Ellen Whitaker, 25, also one of our 2012 Olympic hopefuls, has apologised after she was caught by police at 2am in her Range Rover Sport following a charity ball in Cheshire.

Whitaker, said she had been driving for less than a mile when she realised she had drunk too much to drive to her home in South Yorkshire. When they pulled her over she smelt of alcohol, prosecutor Debbie Byrne reported to Macclesfield Magistrates Court

She had decided to head back to a friend’s house but was stopped by police officers in Knutsford town centre when she appeared to be lost.
A roadside breath test proved positive and she was taken to a police station where her lowest reading was 77 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath - more than double the legal limit of 35

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