Alexanders Horseboxes

Lease Purchase

Lease purchase is a perfect option for funding our brand new chassis with the option to re-new your box in 3 years or re-finance the balloon payment and keep it.

Lease Purchase -

The lease purchase option works on exactly the same basis as hire purchase but there is a balloon payment due at the end of the term.
The balloon payment is a value of money agreed that is offset from the total amount to finance and added to the end of the agreement as a final payment
The benefits of lease purchase means that you will reduce the monthly payments down on a like for like term with hire purchase, reduce the length of the agreement and keep the payments the same or have the option of a new chassis for similar monthly payments
This funding option can be taken over 1 to 4 years
A minimum deposit of the value of the VAT on new builds is required but bigger deposits can be used including part exchanges
Early settlements can be taken in order to upgrade or sell your box before the end of the term
The flexibility of lease purchase means you can use any equity from the box after the balloon payment as deposit for a new build and start again

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