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Opening of New Dressage Facility

Opening of New Dressage Facility

British dressage Olympic and European team gold medallist Emile Faurie is to open a revamped facility on September 1 as part of London's Olympic legacy project.

Some of the Sport England funding (£25,000) secured by the British Equestrian Federation's Olympic Legacy project, HOOF and the London Horse Network has assisted Mount Mascal Stables in erecting a roof over an outdoor arena to create longer opening hours, this is said to enable a greater number of riders from disadvantaged backgrounds to be able to have access to equestrian sports.

Emile started to ride and 16, now 47 is a veteran of twp Olympic Games and recently rode as part of the British team and to be the first ever team to win the gold medal, at the European Championships.
Emile is the founder of the Emile Faurie Foundation, which started back in 2006, he has been instrumental in bringing more than just riding to youngsters that have no other access in developing life skills such as self-confidence, discipline and responsibility.

At the opening even Faurie will be joined by regional representatives for the British Equestrian Federation and its member bodies, the British Horse Society and the Association of British Riding Schools. All who have a commitment to the growth, sustainability and excellence in equestrianism

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