Alexanders Horseboxes

Optional Features

Cabin Optional Extras

Exactly like choosing the specification on your new car, make sure you have the ultimate driving comfort in your new horsebox.

Gearbox Options


Renault automatic gearbox option



Fiat automatic gearbox option




Performance Power


Upgrade by increasing 130 BHP to 150 BHP





Air Conditioning


Cabin upgrade





Hand Stitched Leather Finishing


Hand Stitched diamond quilted leather finished in a range of colours with contrast stitching





Camera System With Sound


Covering internal horse area and external reversing





Sleeper Cab Pack


Includes soft lined pod, mattress, ladder 







Horse Area Optional Extras

Design your new horsebox to suit your horses' needs, making it as simple or high spec as you like.


Weave Grills


Individually removable stainless steel weave grills





Electric Cooling System


Operated in the cab and runs off the vehicle battery




Loading Lights


Roof mounted loading lights




Red Travel Lights


Red travel lights which is ideal when travelling horses early in the morning or late at night




Tack Locker


External tack locker which comes into the horse area

£595.00 (each) 



Luton Lockable Door


Helps to prevent things falling out and keeps items clean




Split Style Ramp Top Door





Adjustable partition


This allows you to set the partition at different depths to cater for different horses




Roof / Wall Padding


For additional comfort when travelling




Ventilation Windows


Additional ventilation windows in horse area

£195.00 each





Day Living Optional Extras

Design your new horsebox to suit your horses' needs, making it as simple or high spec as you like.Add the little things to make everyday life easier and more conveinant.


12V Power Supply


12V power supply in living area which allows you to run 12v phone chargers, kettles etc





Removable Bed


Removable bed section in living available for York and Windsor models






Portable Loo


Which is stored under seating




Removable Table


Removable table in living which is height adjustable




Additional Wardrobe


Additional wardrobe for additional storage and available in all models




Underseat Storage


To create best use of otherwise wasted space




Rug rack







External Optional Extras

Personalise your new horsebox to your individual taste.


Metallic Paint Finish





3 Tone Paintwork





Bonded Windows


3x per York

4x per Windsor/National

5x per Grand National




Right Side Loading Ramp


No Charge



Tow Bar







Living Optional Extras

Make your horsebox like home-from-home with all the modern techinical items and choice of leather colour and wall finishings.




LCD screen TV with integrated DVD player






12V And 240V Fridge




Air Heating


Propex blown air heating system




Hot Water


Truma hot water system




Sky Roof


Alpine panoramic opening sky roof



 All prices +VAT