​Alexanders Horseboxes was founded in 2005 by Alexander Brimelow. Alex originally set out to buy a horsebox for his show jumper wife only to find that he was not getting the attention, the customer service, or the product that he felt a purchase of this scale should deserve. This was further compounded when the box that they eventually bought privately turned out to be very unsatisfactory, with one frightening episode ending in the vehicle being driven home and never used again. Seeing a gap in the market Alex set about establishing Alexanders Horseboxes with a strong focus on customer service, product quality and safety for both horse and rider. The business took off immediately and together with Juls, they began to build a product and brand that would very quickly rise to be one of the leaders in the industry. Having set the benchmark for 2 stall horseboxes, the business then turned its attention to a partnership with Lehel. Lehel, already an established business and brand within the industry offered a unique take and design for 7.5T right through to 26T horseboxes. From this, Lehel by Alexanders was formed and the full range of horseboxes was complete. For many years to come, Alexanders Horseboxes strived to become the number 1 horsebox brand worldwide and forged relationships with other brands within the equine world as well as setting world first safety standards which earned a very proud partnership with Fire and Rescue.

In September 2018, Juls was proud to take over the Alexanders and lehel by Alexanders brands which he is currently running to date. A new building was very quickly set up offering once again a unique experience to purchasing a horsebox. The current site of Alexanders Horseboxes boasts one of the largest viewing areas in the country, housing all the horseboxes available for sale both pre owned and new build. Also within the new site is a fully equipped workshop where all vehicles are prepared for sale by a dedicated team as well as servicing and aftercare work on all makes and models of horseboxes. Embodied with the core values originally set by Alexanders Horseboxes, Juls is continuing to drive forward the brand within the industry and to offer the purchasing and aftercare experience that is essential within the current climate.