Alexanders Horseboxes

Julian Ekin - Sales Manager

Juls has lived in and around the area all of his life. After not being able to fulfill his dream career as an RAF fighter pilot, he began his career in the motor trade in 2005 where he joined Volvo to complete an apprenticeship and degree with them set up by the Institute of Advanced Motor Industry on Vehicle Sales and Customer Service. After completing this in 2008 he looked to expand and progress his career and experience by joining Alexanders to sell prestige vehicles. In 2009 he was then given a massive opportunity to work direct with Alex to build and sell the brand of Alexanders Horseboxes to which he is doing to date.

Proudest moment: First solo flight in an aircraft

Favorite car: Pagani Zonda

Best decision: Getting on the property ladder

Worst decision: Well where do I start……. Eating a dry tea bag as a dare wasn’t my finest hour!

Saying: Lets get this baby off the ground!